Rejuvenating Scotland & The UK: The Natural World Fund
Rejuvenating Scotland & The UK: The Natural World Fund

In a world where conservation and restoration are paramount, LLPlastic has embarked on a mission to support charitable organizations dedicated to preserving our planet and nurturing wildlife. One such organization that we are committed to sponsoring on a monthly basis is "The Natural World Fund."


Who is the natural world fund?

Amidst alarming declines in wildlife populations, The Natural World Fund sets out to find and purchase degraded land in the UK, striving to restore it to a more natural state. This is a crucial step in halting the ongoing degradation of our environment.

The Natural World Fund takes comprehensive steps to rejuvenate nature. They plant woodlands, develop wild meadows, and restore wetlands, all in a bid to help our wildlife recover and thrive.

A core aspect of their mission is crafting habitats that cater to the needs of our native animals. The Natural World Fund's expertise lies in providing a home where it's needed most.


Engaging the Community

Community involvement is key. The organization actively promotes open access and encourages the engagement of local communities. They firmly believe that this collective effort is the key to success.

However, the situation is grim, with the UK ranked among the lowest 12 out of 240 countries and territories for biodiversity intactness. The alarming trends continue, as numerous species teeter on the brink of extinction:

  • 80% of our butterflies have declined since the 1970s.
  • Flying insects have declined by 60% in just two decades.
  • 70 bird species are at serious risk.
  • 70% of our small mammals have declined since the 1970s.
  • 33% of our amphibians and reptiles are under threat.


Exposing the Greenwashing Fallacy

In a world where the rhetoric around carbon offsets often clouds the true meaning of environmental responsibility, The Natural World Fund stands firm in its commitment to action. They refrain from endorsing carbon offset programs for good reason.

It's a sentiment shared by many who are tired of the greenwashing prevalent in discussions about climate change. Unsubstantiated, inaccurate, and unreliable carbon offset claims have allowed individuals and companies to masquerade as environmental stewards while continuing to pollute our air, land, and water.

In the realm of carbon offsets, issues abound, particularly when it comes to tree-planting schemes.


The Missteps of Tree-Planting Schemes

While the idea of planting trees may appear virtuous, many schemes prioritize quantity over quality. The rush to boost planting statistics often leads to the introduction of fast-growing tree species over vast areas. This approach frequently results in adverse consequences for native plant and animal species and threatens biodiversity.

In the UK, large-scale conifer plantations have done considerable damage to the nation's biodiversity, further exacerbating the problem.

The Natural World Fund believes that simply counting trees planted is inadequate. A full-ecosystem approach, encompassing forests, meadows, and wetlands, is the only viable path to environmental and biodiversity preservation.


A Path to Redemption

The loss of 75% of our forests, 90% of our wetlands, and 97% of our wild meadows has left our wildlife in dire straits. The Natural World Fund endeavours to provide a solution by offering nature a place to call home.

This organization is a beacon of hope, focusing on rewilding the UK to safeguard our precious animals. By breathing life into degraded land, whether by restoring forests, meadows, or wetlands, they are making a substantial impact on local biodiversity. These efforts provide animals with homes and food sources they desperately need, leading to a cascading effect on the local food web.

The overwhelming issues at hand can make us feel powerless individually, but united, we possess the potential to bring about genuine change. Join the community at The Natural World Fund, and let's embark on this vital journey together.


Facing the Inescapable Truth

The irrefutable fact remains individual donations alone will not halt climate change. It is a global predicament, and the halt of fossil fuel consumption by entire nations is the only effective solution.

While rewilding is undeniably valuable for carbon absorption and storage, its scope is finite. Even if all the world's forests were to be replanted, it would not counteract the additional carbon emissions resulting from the burning of coal, gas, and oil. These fuels took thousands or even millions of years to form, and their impact extends beyond the reach of reforestation.


Prioritizing Wildlife Through Habitat Creation

This is where The Natural World Fund's vision shines. They concentrate their efforts on protecting our wildlife by creating habitats. This direct action has the potential to bring about real, tangible change.

In closing, let's prioritize the welfare of our wildlife and the health of our environment. Join us in the crusade for a better, more sustainable world. It's time to stand together for the cause of nature, wildlife, and a brighter future. Join The Natural World Fund community, and let's be a force for change.

Some small immediate actions you can take to support rewilding is:

  1. Firstly, you can help by sharing this cause with your friends and family.
  2. Secondly, educating yourself and others on the biodiversity and climate change emergencies can help spread the message.
  3. Thirdly, finding out how you can help at home. Every little change we make can make a difference.
  4. And finally, holding our politicians, companies and organisations to account on environmental issues.

All information was gathered from ‘The natural world funds’ website if you are interested in finding out more or donating you can find them here: Natural World Fund Home Page - Natural World Fund

Their Instagram: Natural World Fund (@naturalworldfund) • Instagram photos and videos

Written by: Matthew Porter



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