1. Duration of Warranty

The manufacturer guarantees that LL Plastic ltd products are delivered free of material defects and will not show any for 25 years after delivery. Coloring is not a part of this warranty.

2. Material Properties 

Recycled plastic products may show variations in color and dimension (up to 3%). Recycled products may show production related textured surfaces, inclusions and cavities. Due to this, the given weight and dimensions are approximate only.

3. Warranty Conditions

We will replace LL Plastic ltd products after thorough inspection, should our goods be found to be defective during the warranty period in spite of proper application and use (replacement delivery guarantee). Installation and application of our products according to assembly and installation instructions on hand are prerequisite for warranty adjustments. Any reimbursements of transport costs, installation, re-installation, consequential damage, disassembly or other costs are excluded from this warranty.


4. Warranty Handling

For correct and speedy processing in case of a warranty claim, please contact us in writing within 5 working days and include the following documentation:

• a copy of the invoice or payment receipt

• a detailed description of the defect

• photos, vodeos and/or a sample of the faulty product


5. Exclusion of Warranty The following items do not constitute warranty claims:

a) defects that can be ascribed to normal wear

b) defects like e.g., discoloration and expansion caused by weather and climatic conditions

c) defects caused by actions of the customer or third parties (improper use and assembly, modification of the product, use of parts from other suppliers, inappropriate transport, packaging and storage)

 d) second quality and remaining stock sales

e) custom-made products, industrial profiles, finished parts and systems

 f) goods not manufactured by LL Plastic ltd


6. Place of Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction shall be the supplier’s registered business address. This warranty is valid in addition to our general terms of sales and delivery.

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